Summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors, but it doesn’t mean you can relax your lawn maintenance – especially when we live in Australia!

Our Aussie summer is relentless, with soaring temperatures, drought and bushfire risk across the majority of our sunburnt country.

In fact, the Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed January 2019 was the hottest month on record across Australia, with an average temperature of 30 degrees recorded.

Keeping your lawn alive and thriving with the extreme heat and other challenges such as bugs, pets and quick growth can threaten your hard work, but there are ways to fight back.

Invest in Reticulation

In the heat, you need to be water smart; it is important to guarantee your lawn gets a good soak while you also adhere to any watering restrictions from the Water Corporation.

Having quality reticulation takes the work out of watering, ensuring that water is evenly distributed to your lawn at regular intervals. 

With your new reticulation, you need to keep on top of your weeding, as the regular watering will lead to quick growth.

Avoid Evaporation

Making sure the water reaches your lawn’s root system is vital, but can be difficult in summer, as high temperatures lead to fast evaporation; a quick hose down may result in the water being evaporated before it can make a difference to your lawn.

You can avoid evaporation by using your irrigation to stick to the Water Corporation watering times – before 9am or after 6pm – on your designated watering days. We recommend between 4-6am, this is often the calmest time of the day.

Reticulation Repairs and Servicing

Having reticulation is important, but keeping it serviced is equally as important if you want to avoid brown spots in your grass and detect leaks before they blow out your water bill.

Mowing Your Lawn

In the warmer months, you should leave your lawn a little longer – ensuring it doesn’t exceed the height of the sprinkler reach.

Mowing your lawn too short can leave your lawn vulnerable and put it under stress, resulting in brown, dead patches that will take some serious love to revive.

Leaving your lawn a little longer will also help the roots stay cooler, which can help it to survive in harsher conditions.


Keep Those Weeds Away

Weeds are life sucking – they compete for nutrients and space, slowly killing off the luscious lawn you’ve curated over winter.

Once weeds make their way into your garden, they have accelerated growth patterns that allow them to overtake your lawn or garden quicker than you can say “where’s the Round-Up?”

Try to attack the weeds as you notice them, rather than only giving them attention once they’ve established their garden takeover. This may require a little time and patience, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Ensure you use the correct weed spray relevant to your lawn variety, as one doesn’t fit all.



If your lawn has seen a little too much backyard cricket or has cars regularly parked on it, it can become compacted, which reduces your lawns ability to ‘breathe.’

Aerating your lawn will help to loosen the soil, which will circulate air, improve water and nutrient filtration and stimulate the growth of new roots.


Be Aware of Critters

During summer, flies seem to stick to your skin and mosquitoes seem to love outdoor barbeques as much as you do! However, they aren’t the only critters making the most of the warmer months; there are lots of pests in full operation.

While some pests may be annoying, not all of them are bad for your garden, so it is important to know which pests to keep around and which ones to avoid. Bees are great for pollination, while spiders, ladybugs and praying mantis can provide you with free pest control.

Watch out for dangerous critters that may be attracted to your garden, such as snakes and wasps, and be mindful of where spiders and bees may spend their time to ensure children aren’t bitten or stung while playing.


Look After Your Lawn with the Experts of Landscapes in WA

Use our top tips to keep your lawn luscious throughout our Aussie summer and leave your neighbours green with envy – the grass will definitely be greener on your side of the fence!

Choose Looking Good Landscaping for all of your reticulation and landscape installations and repairs – landscapes in WA are our speciality. Contact our team today to improve your garden to make the most of this summer

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