Your garden is a haven; it’s a place to relax, read a book, play with the kids, and take a break from the outside world. WA landscapes are designed around our abundant sunshine – and you should feel comfortable to enjoy the warm weather without wondering who can see in.

Privacy screens, pergolas and shade structures are all smart and stylish landscape construction features for two reasons:

  1. They add comfort and privacy to your backyard
  2. They look great from your side of the fence


Let’s look at 3 great privacy options for any Perth garden.


1. Plants as a natural screen

Plant screens act as a natural border while also providing privacy but require a little forward planning and pruning. There are several ways to soften fences and walls with plants, hedges, shrubs and trees:

  • Common lilly pilly grows up to 30 metres, flowers in summer and fruits in winter
  • Tilia (lime) trees interlace their branches when grown side-by-side to create a screen
  • Dense-leafed ornamental trees like magnolia grandiflora, bay laurel and murraya offer privacy as they grow
  • Native hedges like acmena varietals, banksia and bottlebrush are waterwise and ecology friendly
  • Spreading shrubs like hedge wattle, grevillea or purple mint bush are perfect suited to our climate

When choosing plants for a landscape in WA, consider sticking with natives. They use less water, help local bees to thrive, feed native birds and look fantastic in flower.


2. Add a pergola

Where plants can’t provide the privacy you need, a pergola or patio structure might be just the thing. By taking a considered approach to landscape construction you can enjoy a cosy, private space without creating an obtrusive wall or overruling the natural elements in your backyard.

Using treated native wood is a great way to contrast and complement greenery. Plus, you can still grow vines over the wood if you like or leave it to stand out as a feature and edge the area in colourful plants.

Pergolas also provide a comfortable space to relax, entertain, eat and chill out all year round. With careful planning and considered material choices, you can enjoy a shady spot in summer and be sheltered from bad weather in winter.


3. Shade sails and patio blinds

Two clever landscape construction choices to add privacy and be protected from the elements, without closing off your garden completely.

Patio blinds can be pulled down to block out bad weather (and nosy neighbours) then raised again when you want to enjoy a warm summer evening or entertain in the garden.

Shade sails are a more permanent feature used to soften the summer sun and create a striking visual in the backyard. Plus, when carefully positioned a shade sail can block line of sight into your garden from neighbours with a second storey. Privacy and weather protection in one!


Why choose Looking Good Landscaping?

Looking Good Landscaping are WA landscape specialists. From native shrubs to shade sails, patios to hedges and everything in between, we create and build gardens WA families enjoy all year round.

Plus, with our extensive experience in residential and commercial landscape construction we can walk you through any regulations like fence height, shade structures and water use.

Our friendly team is here when you’re ready to talk WA landscapes in any form. Give us a call today on (08) 9524 1999 or contact us through our website.

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