Garden Bed Edging & Borders

Garden edging is an important detail in landscaping that should not be overlooked. After going to the trouble of creating a lovely landscaped space, be sure to maintain that investment by placing garden edging and keeping the neat clean feel in your yard all year long. Looking Good Landscaping has been creating gorgeous backyard designs for over 20 years. We provide exceptional service and unsurpassed attention to detail in all projects, from small residential gardens to large commercial spaces.

Garden Edging & Borders Installation

We offer a variety of garden edging to suit your landscape design. Our team can advise the pros and cons of each type in order for you to make the best decision.

Poured concrete kerbing is available in a variety of colours to suit your landscape. Concrete can be poured in almost any shape or pattern, lending itself to curved garden paths and irregular shaped spaces. Poured concrete kerbing provides a permanent option to keep lawn separate from the garden, and is hard wearing against mowers and whipper snippers. Additionally, the kerbing adds visual appeal to the garden, giving the eyes a place path to follow.

Thinner discreet garden edging is also available, composed of aluminium, plastic, or steel. This style of garden edging is inserted into the soil, creating an unobtrusive barrier between the lawn and the garden bed. This minimalistic style keeps a lawn looking neat and tidy, without adding additional hardscape to a garden. It is low maintenance, as in many cases lawn mowers can go over the edging, removing the need for whipper snipping.

Beautiful Backyard Designs

Garden edging provides a low maintenance option for maintaining the clean attractive appearance of your lawn. Without garden edging, the lawn will slowly creep and spread over time. These uneven borders give the impression of an unkempt space, even after mowing, and can be prevented with quality edging.

Additionally, garden bed edging helps to maintain a lawn-free garden bed. This is especially important when working with more invasive lawn species, such as couch grass. Once lawn has spread into the garden bed, this can mean additional weeding duties, as well as the potential for the lawn to out compete your plants and negatively impact the garden. Durable garden edging will keep your lawn exactly where its meant to be.

Other Services

In addition to garden bed edging, there are other hardscaping techniques that help to create the clean lines and tidy appearance we find so attractive in landscaping. Pavers are a lovely addition to add texture to a space with a garden path. Turf installation allows for mature, green grass to be installed and then easily maintained.

Looking Good Landscaping understand the importance of all aspects of landscaping, down to the fine garden bed edging. We have experience working on both residential and commercial projects, with all jobs receiving our highest attention to detail, no matter how large or small. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and get your landscaping underway.


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