Backyards have typically been part of the great Australian dream; they are the scene of backyard cricket matches, family barbeques and hot Summer days spent in the pool. However, with our suburbs becoming denser and more homes being squeezed onto each lot, the Australian backyard – and even the front yard – is shrinking. In a housing era where gardens and backyards are a premium, it’s no surprise that attractive landscape architecture and a well-maintained garden are both factors that can increase your property value.

Modern Gardens Improving Home Values

Many people will look around their home to find ways to add some value, with bathrooms and kitchens a common choice for renovations – but how many homeowners look outdoors? Your garden is the ultimate first impression; it is the first thing your neighbours, passers-by and potential buyers see of your home. Also known as ‘curb appeal’, a well-maintained garden in your front yard can entice potential buyers into your home and increase the perceived aesthetic appeal of your property. A poorly managed, overgrown or dying garden can decrease homebuyer’s perceptions of the home as a whole, giving them the idea that the garden is hard to maintain or that the rest of the house is also unkempt.

What is a Modern Garden?

Modern garden designs embrace minimalism, using clean lines and natural tones – with the vibrant green foliage giving a striking contrast against crisp white fences. Landscape architects will also use plants that complement the structures and surrounds of the garden, from screening plants to increase privacy to hardy garden plants that grow to fence height. (Also read: Trending Landscape Design Ideas

Give Your Backyard a Complete Revamp

Are you looking to give your old garden a brand new look, but don’t quite know where to start? At Looking Good Landscaping, we are experts in all aspects of residential landscape architecture. We offer complete installation packages, which take into account both hardscapes and softscapes, from paths, steps and walls to all the plants and greenery your heart desires. When it comes to creating a tailored outdoor space, our team take the time to consult you on all aspects of the design, ensuring the front yard or backyard design is perfectly suited to your needs.  (Also read:  Choosing the Right Turf for Your Garden)

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Simple Tactics to Care for Your Garden

Creating a stunning landscape garden is one thing, but there’s no point in having a perfect garden if it is too hard to care for! The Looking Good Landscaping team considers ongoing maintenance when designing your garden, with a focus on automated systems to give you peace of mind. To ensure you have a healthy, green and vibrant garden year-round, we install reticulation systems that exceed water wise standards. We can also recommend automated, weather-controlled irrigation systems, which use local weather data to determine how much water your garden needs.

Begin Your Garden Makeover with Looking Good Landscaping

Undertaking a renovation of your backyard can quickly become a bigger job than first planned, so why not make the right choice before you start ripping up your existing garden! Looking Good Landscaping are industry professionals with over 20 years of experience in providing stunning landscape gardens to clients in Rockingham, Baldivis, and surrounding suburbs. Our team offer a range of landscaping services, from hardscaping to complete landscape garden makeovers. Find out why people from across Perth trust Looking Good Landscaping to achieve their ideal landscape garden – contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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