Brand new lawn can completely transform your garden design and landscape architecture, but without choosing the right type, your crisp, green grass could be short-lived.

Given the harsh West Australian heat, a green lawn is highly sought after and might seem unattainable.

Other than a green lawn looking lush, a well-maintained lawn also absorbs the heat, keeping your backyard cool, as well as limiting dust and other allergens from blowing around your property.


Consider Plans for Irrigation & Lawn Care

Before you choose the type of lawn to install in your garden, you need to consider how you will care for it long term – as this may sway your decision on lawn type.

Irrigation and reticulation are massively important in the early days of having a new lawn, as well as being important to your lawn’s long-term maintenance.

Caring for your lawn early on with products such as fertiliser will help to set you up with a great garden for the future.


Which Turf Type Is Best Suited To Your Garden Design?

Before you choose your new lawn, there is a lot to consider! At Looking Good Landscaping, we have the skills and knowledge to ensure your landscape design comes together seamlessly, with turf that is ideal for your garden. 

We understand the harsh West Australian conditions and the effect they have on your garden, which is why we only supply top quality turf from a local Perth company who grow turf to suit our harsh weather.


Buffalo – or Stenotaphrum secondatum if you want to get technical – is one of Australia’s favourite lawn varieties, due to its low maintenance requirements, hardy nature and lush green colour almost year-round.

The wide grass blades of Buffalo turf absorb more direct sunlight than other types, which means it doesn’t need as much sun. Because of this, Buffalo is better placed in shaded areas.

At Looking Good Landscaping, we stock two types of popular Buffalo varieties: Soft Leaf Palmetto and Sir Walter.

Soft Leaf (Palmetto)

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is great for those with children, who are looking for a grass type that is soft to touch.

It comes out on top with an outstanding green colour in winter that is more pigmented than other Buffalo grass types.


Sir Walter

This type of Buffalo grass is bred to be soft but strong to withstand the elements; it is a shade and drought-tolerant grass that is weed and pest-resistant, requires low fertilisation and maintenance and has a great wear tolerance, meaning it won’t show signs of stress after a few games of backyard footy or cricket.



Unlike the wide-leaf blade of Buffalo, Couch grass has a narrow-leaf blade that makes it better suited to full sun.

Couch grass is a dark green colour that has a fast-growing nature, allowing it to bounce back quickly from any damage.

This fast-growing attribute also makes Couch a potentially invasive grass if it is not maintained, so keep that in mind if you’re not up to a higher maintenance garden. Good barriers between the lawn and garden will help prevent this.


Wintergreen Couch is affordable and hardwearing, making it good for lawns where children and dogs play.

Once established, it has a deep root system that requires minimal water and is great at self-repairing.

Santa Ana

For that perfectly manicured golf course look, consider Santa Ana Couch. This turf type is light to mid green with very fine leaf blades and is better suited to those who are willing to deal with the high maintenance.

Ideally, Santa Ana Couch should be well maintained with the blades kept short, almost like a carpet; it is a great choice for golf courses.


Turf & Landscape Design with Looking Good Landscaping

To craft your ideal garden design, you need a team with experience in landscape architecture that is suited to West Australian conditions.

At Looking Good Landscaping, we specialise in creating bespoke landscaping solutions for our clients across Perth, which includes choosing the right turf to suit our clients’ needs!

Contact our team today to get started on your landscape design journey with a company who understand your individual needs.

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