While a beautiful home interior is always well sought-after, a garden that perfectly encapsulates the magic of the outdoors is far harder to come by. Be it for the sake of trying something new or preparing for your next outdoor dinner party, you can take pride in your garden with the latest landscape design trends as below:

Small-Scale Gardening

As block sizes have begun to get smaller, small-scale gardening has quickly risen in popularity. Keeping in mind the principle that ‘less is more’, this landscape design trend proves that you can make a big impact with just a few elements. Raised garden beds, vegetable containers and re-fashioned wood crates can all help to keep nature near to you, even if you don’t have mountains of space. Remember, you don’t need a large garden to bring the magic of landscape design to life!

Edible Gardens

Growing your own food has been a trend that has been going strong, and it’s not just for hippies. Edible gardens are all the rage, and for good reason. As the previous tip suggests, you don’t have to go all out; simply start small with vegetables and herbs that are easy to grow – such as basil, mint tomatoes, lettuce and beans. Not only do you end up with fresh ingredients to experiment cook with, but your organically grown produce adds extra zest to the whole garden.

Vertical Gardens

Who doesn’t love a good vertical garden? This amazing landscape design trend offers that extra bit of greenery, especially for light-constrained homes or those lacking in space. Often, vertical gardens require less maintenance as grow walls typically have complex hydroponics and watering systems. From hanging baskets to beautiful climbing plants and creepers, vertical gardens provide a scenic backdrop, particularly in alfresco, patio or balcony areas. Simply pair these alongside your outdoor furniture for your very own green getaway.

Lawn Alternatives

Hate maintaining the lawn? So do many! More people are choosing to say goodbye to lawns altogether and are opting for landscape design alternatives such as paved areas, decking, gravel, and stepper paths. Naturally, this requires less pesky lawn maintenance while also reducing your water usage. The best part is that you can still decorate in other ways using contained garden beds and other greenery! 

Custom Outdoor Firepits

As a marvellous centrepiece, your very own custom outdoor firepit is a great addition to your backyard. Designs can range from anything from traditionally circular firepits to those that look more modern, minimalistic and on-trend. As well as being an impressive feature for social gatherings, it also works as a practical solution to keep you warm during the colder months. That means more time outside with friends and family, regardless of the time of year!

Need Help?

A gorgeous, well-rounded garden can be difficult to master, which is why we are here to help. As experts of their craft, our landscape team can help you benefit from years of experience. Get in touch with Looking Good Landscaping, and we’ll turn your backyard dreams into a reality!

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