Hiring an experienced and insured landscape contractor that has stood the test of time, helps to protect you and your  property. Hiring an uninsured contractor can bring your project far more risks than savings. You can be held liable for on-the-job injuries, taxes or insurance.

You can even be held liable for an uninsured contractor’s illegal acts. Be sure to check their references as well before you hire them. It is always a good idea to ask for a written certificate of insurance from any contractor you choose to hire to verify that they have workers’ compensation, general liability & business auto insurance coverage currently in force; this is usually available upon request at no additional charge.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects you from liability in case a worker employed by the landscape contractor is injured on your property. General liability insurance protects against calamities such as floods or landslides caused by construction. Business and vehicle insurance provides additional protection when a contractor’s vehicle is involved in an accident on your property.


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