Trying to perfect your backyard? Here’s a secret: well-defined edging is often the difference between an unkempt, messy yard and one that appears professionally groomed. As such, here are the four basic styles of landscape edging you should consider for your own backyard:


Limestone Block Border Edging

By far some of the most common edging materials are limestone blocks they are an ideal choice for those seeking a neat and polished backyard. Not only does limestone block edging provide a clean look to your garden beds, but it also acts as a barrier for your flower beds, making mowing easier. To top it all off, a rope lighting strip lined along the edging can easily add an ethereal glow, especially for those evenings spent outdoors.


Concrete Garden Kerbing Edge

As a landscape edging popular alternative, concrete garden kerbing edging allow for a smooth freeform continuous edge to suit any taste and design. These edges come in a variety of profiles and colours for you to experiment with. This finish gives a great division between different mediums allowing for your creativity .. or ours .. to do the rest.


Treated Pine Timber Landscape Edging

Treated Pine Timber landscape edging is a timeless choice for any garden bed, the possibilities are endless with this wonderfully organic material.


Manufactured Edging

For those seeking a more modern style, manufactured edging might just be the answer. Widely and readily obtainable, this is a go-to option for those after something both affordable and durable. While manufactured edgings often take the form of simple, subtle and discreet fixtures, there are also other designs to help your backyard stand out from the rest. For example a number of different types of steel and aluminium edging is available, they come in a range of colours, heights and finishes. Flexi-Curve garden edging is another fabulous alternative that is easy to install as well.


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