Quality landscape design utilises hardscaping and softscaping elements wisely, creating outdoor spaces that meet your needs and showcase your home.


As experts in landscape architecture, Looking Good Landscaping uses hardscaping and softscaping in transformative ways. Trust us to help you discover the perfect selections to enhance your garden.


The attraction of Hardscaping


Hardscaping appeals because it does not require the same level of care as softscaping (a living garden). As the name implies, hardscaping refers to the “hard” elements employed in garden design.


Materials used are inanimate, meaning not alive, and generally focus on fixed features. Examples include paving and edging, but span everything from water fountains to garden statues.


The hardscaping you choose depends on a variety of factors, including how the area will be utilised, and the aesthetic style of your outdoor space. Hardscaping can also appear alongside softscaped zones.


A variety of surfaces and substances can be employed when hardscaping an outdoor area. Working to client requests and budget, our most popular forms of hardscaping services include:



We also perform safety-conscious Site Clearing for clients preparing to install a lawn, plant a garden, or introduce hardscaping as part of the package of services we offer.


The promise of Softscaping


Softscaping describes living elements of your garden, encompassing hedges, shrubbery, trees, flower beds, and more. When people think of landscaped gardens, softscaping often comes to mind.


Quality landscaping usually involves numerous softscaping aspects, often combined with hardscaping elements. But some clients exclusively choose one type of scaping over the other.


When softscaping, we use our horticultural experience to design gardens and outdoor spaces that factor in tastes, recreational needs, care capabilities, local environment and budget.


Softscaping can help ensure the yard complements your home, and reflects your personality. Prefer native plants, and bright blooms? We incorporate these preferences into the landscape.


Our most common softscaping services include:



We can also design and install a Reticulation System that distributes water in a way that best facilitates garden growth through bespoke reticulation.


Hardscaping and Softscaping combined


Most outdoor spaces combine aspects of these two elements when creating a stunning garden environment. Fusing hardscaping and softscaping means hardscaping can act as an accent for flourishing greenery (such as in one of our previous garden edging projects).


Paving and paths often weave through organic beds, providing walkways so plants aren’t crushed underfoot. Small block walls can break up a space, creating elevation and improving appearance.


Likewise, garden edging provides a striking boundary, while steps are an attractive feature also offering a safe way to traverse slight inclines. With softscaping and hardscaping, design is everything.


Practical considerations


While hardscaping is perceived to cost more upfront, softscaping costs in maintenance as the years pass. West Australian weather, especially summer, calls for careful lawn and garden care.


Yes, hardscaping saves you money on watering, and when placed via informed landscaping design, can help combat soil erosion and assist with water flow—but it won’t burst into colourful bloom.


Looking Good Landscaping


Take a browse through past projects that showcase our hardscaping and softscaping expertise from inspiring borders and edging, to garden makeovers. We can design, install and rejuvenate your landscaping.


When it comes WA landscape services, we have over two decades of experience creating stunning outdoor spaces in Rockingham, Baldivis, Secret Harbour, and nearby areas. To discuss your vision, contact us today.

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