Imagine we’re in the heat of a West Aussie summer and your plants are looking a little worse for wear.

Plants that are a little wilted in summer are normal, you think. But then you try to recall the last time your reticulation actually went on.

You try to turn on your reticulation via your reticulation controller, but there’s no response. Oh no!

But don’t fret – there are a few reasons your reticulation system may have gone rogue or stopped working all together. Read on to find out more about issues related to your reticulation controller and what you can do.


What Does a Reticulation Controller Do?

A reticulation controller is like the brain of your reticulation, irrigation or sprinkler system, which automates a number of processes such as turning on your system for a certain amount of time, changing between reticulation locations and turning the system off when the time is up.

Some systems even access local weather conditions and use special sensors to detect the amount of water around.

However, just like other automated systems, reticulation controllers can experience issues from time to time, and there are four main problems that are usually to blame.

Read on to find out how to identify some of the common problems that might result in reticulation repairs.


1. It Fails to Keep Time

If you notice your controller is not activating your sprinklers at the anticipated time, take the time to look at the programmed settings within the controller.

Check basic elements such as:

  • Current date vs. date on controller
  • The programmed watering start date (if applicable)
  • The programmed watering start time (if applicable) – check if it is AM or PM

Your reticulation controller can revert to a different date and time after a power outage or if the power trips for any reason, which in turn throws out any scheduled watering. Often controllers have a battery backup to store the programs, if the battery is flat, after an outage the memory will be lost.

In the case your controller is battery powered, it may also experience a loss in functionality if the battery dies.


How to Fix a Timing Issue

Head out to your reticulation controller to check the power to the system. If you have power, reset the time and set the system to start within a couple of minutes. If the system starts to work, turn it back off and reset it to begin at your preferred watering time – taking note of the date and time.


2. Your Timer Dial May Not Be Turning

If there is power to the system but the timer function still isn’t working properly, there may be an issue with the timer dial.

In this instance, you will need to give our team at Looking Good Landscaping a call.


3. Your Controller Won’t Turn on in Manual Mode

If the controller won’t turn on in this mode, it’s likely to be a power issue that will require reticulation repairs from our team at Looking Good Landscaping.

One of our experts will check that the controller is correctly wired to your mains power.


4. Your Controller Won’t Operate in Auto Mode

There are a few reasons why your reticulation system might not turn on or operate correctly in auto mode. An easy check to make is to see whether the “Auto-Off-On” knob is actually set to “Auto”.

Failing that, other issues that may need attention include the:

  • Switch needing adjusting;
  • Switch contacts or relay needing replacing due to wear; or
  • Incorrect programming
  • Wiring issue
  • Solenoid issue

For the above issues, we always recommend contacting an expert landscape contractor to check things out and make any necessary reticulation repairs – they aren’t the kind of quick DIY fixes you might think.


Trust Looking Good for Reticulation Repairs

Reticulation is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining your backyard and front yard, so it’s important to contact a professional about any reticulation repairs as soon as you notice an issue.

At Looking Good Landscaping, we’re committed to providing top quality reticulation repairs, maintenance and installation to keep your garden looking lush year-round.

Contact us today to arrange for a quote for your reticulation repair or new reticulation needs.

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