A beautifully green lawn is a perfect addition to your home. Perfect for a weekend game of cricket with the kids or an impromptu picnic with friends, lawns increase the useable space in your home and create an oasis of comfort in our busy lives.

Not only does a well-kept lawn provide comfort and beauty, but it can also add to your property’s value. Did you know that homes with well-maintained lawns sell faster and for more than those without? Lawns also offer a wealth of other benefits. Let’s jump right into the benefits of having a lawn.


Not only is a well-maintained lawn great for its aesthetic value, but it also provides social and environmental advantages that might make you view your landscape differently. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial garden manager, these benefits are worth knowing.


While it’s not a secret that a well-kept lawn is beautiful, maintaining a healthy lawn also benefits the environment. Unlike hard surfaces such as concrete, paving and decking, grass can help clean the air, process carbon dioxide, reduce erosion, improve your soil, and decrease noise pollution. Oh, and plenty of lawn, trees and bushes in your garden can lower the ambient temperatures- a massive bonus in summer.

  • Grass captures and uses greenhouse gases
  • Grass filters water and dust
  • Grass is an efficient form of erosion control
  • Grass acts as a natural air conditioner
  • Grass reduces noise.


Like all living plants, grass absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. It can also work as a filter to trap dust, which is handy if you have allergies.


Perth’s winter rain can get wild, and if you have any areas of your garden not covered with lush lawn, you’ve probably seen what happens during a hard rain: The soil, mulch, or gravel washes away, creating ruts, divots, and holes, or water pools on paving if it doesn’t have sufficient drainage. Those materials—and all the water—must go somewhere, and they typically start by clogging the storm drains, potentially leading to flooded streets and houses.

However, a lawn will slow the runoff, allowing the stormwater to seep into the groundwater system. Grass keeps the soil structure loose and open, with plenty of pores for water to soak down into, allowing excellent drainage during heavy rain.


Lawn acts as a sound dampener, absorbing sounds from people, cars, pets and children. If you walk through a crowded suburban area, you’ll notice how loud it is compared to your home. That’s because many hard surfaces create places for sound to bounce off. Think of the lawn as a blanket or insulation panel.


Grass is a safe surface for all recreational outdoor activities, like sports, picnics, games, or play. Falling off your bike onto soft grass is much nicer than skinning your knees on paving—grass cushions players from injuries. Natural grass absorbs physical impact, provides cushioning (reducing injuries) and provides traction (even while barefooted).


Unlike artificial lawns, natural grass doesn’t absorb the scents your pet leaves on its surface. During the hot Perth summer, artificial grass can become pungent if you don’t regularly wash it down. While you may get a brown patch or two, if you have trained your pup to go the toilet in one spot, at least you’ll avoid your garden stinking of ammonia. Artificial turf also gets very hot during summer, making it difficult or impossible to use without washing it down first.


A well-maintained lawn combined with trees and elegant shrubs can improve your wellbeing. Being surrounded by nature makes you feel more connected to the planet and helps put your troubles in perspective. Grass also acts as an anti-glare barrier and reduces light reflection. This light reduction can help you concentrate when you’re trying to relax or read.

A natural landscape encompassing grass and other foliage offers much-needed satisfaction to people. Lawns provide therapeutic benefits by reducing stress and increasing feelings of relaxation and calm. Being around nature can boost your wellbeing. Many people find it therapeutic, leading to decreased blood pressure, better wellness, and reduced anxiety. You can become more relaxed and potentially less capable of falling into depression or having high blood pressure.

A healthy landscape can give you all the benefits above. Investing in professional landscaping and maintenance is usually the easiest way to get a healthy landscape for your home. If you’re considering installing lawns in your garden, start by contacting an experienced professional. The Looking Good Landscaping team can help you bring your lawn dreams to life.


Spring is the best time to lay your new lawn, as the grass is coming out of hibernation and starts actively growing and establishing deep roots. This means your lawn can establish quickly and well, and there’s less chance of damage from extreme weather conditions. So call us today if you want a beautiful green lawn in time for summer.

If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment, provide a fun and safe play area for your family, and increase the value and saleability of your property, consider adding a natural, green living lawn. The benefits will outweigh the time and money spent on maintenance.


Looking Good Landscaping has experience designing and installing lawns for residential and commercial projects, including industrial verges and bulk residential properties for developers.

Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive landscape design before installing your lawn. Whether you want to install grass in an established garden or add it as part of a new landscaping project or development, Looking Good Landscaping can help.

We aim to install a garden you’ll love to relax in with your family and friends for years to come. Just as Looking Good started based on friendly, old-fashioned service, we continue with the same values today. We’re incredibly proud of our exceptional team and take pride and glean great satisfaction from the work we produce.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create the grass lawn of your dreams.

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