If you’re thinking about redesigning your outdoor area, you are likely trying to decide which type of flooring material you should use. Whether you want to create a patio, a path to your front door, or another outdoor area, the material for your project can affect how you can use the space and how long it lasts.

As with most things, choosing between pavers, steppers or concrete finishes comes down to personal preference and budget. At Looking Good Landscaping, we love the versatility that all these treatments offer, so read on to learn more about the options.

Pavers, steppers, or concrete finishes: what are the differences?

Pavers are typically made from concrete, brick, or natural stone. Pavers feature a rough and porous surface texture and are various thicknesses. Pavers are available in a range of colours, shapes, textures, and sizes, are long-wearing and durable. Some of the newer outdoor pavers look like tiles, giving you the best of both worlds and cleverly combining the design options of tile with the functionality pavers.

Steppers are made from the same materials as pavers, often in different shapes and sizes.  Steppers are purely that, a walking or stepping path, these can create a cost-effective feature through a garden or down the side of a home. Browse examples of our works with steppers.

Finally concrete finishes, everything from grey concrete right through to washed aggregate.  The colours and choices are endless. 

Installation and durability

The outdoor flooring treatments have completely different installation methods.  

Your landscaper will clear the required area, flatten, and prepare the surface, then commence laying the pavers. You can easily lift pavers if you decide to refresh your garden layout in a few years. Pavers certainly offer you a little more flexibility if you want to update your landscaping.  Pavers are tough enough to withstand heavy lawn equipment and light vehicle traffic – making them ideal for driveways. 

Although steppers have a similar installation method, they are for light foot traffic only.

Concrete finishes require a similar clear and prepare method, depending on the finish selected as to the method used.  This is the most durable of finishes with reinforced mesh included will withstand most traffic.

Choose Looking Good Landscaping offer these treatments as part of a complete landscaping package.

Our experienced tradesmen work with various paving materials, including limestone, concrete, and clay pavers, and will create a well-laid surface that will last for years to come. We can supply and install all paving projects, including paths, patios, alfresco, driveways, and steps as part of a complete landscaping project. 

Looking Good Landscaping’s skilled tradesmen will professionally prepare your site, clearing and levelling sand and dirt for your newly paved area. We can also lift and replace old paving and replace any damaged paving at your site as part of a complete landscaping makeover. Contact us today.

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