Before you spend time and money planting your garden, the first step is ensuring you can keep it alive! Installing a waterwise reticulation system is a failsafe way to ensure your garden receives the correct amount of hydration over the hot Perth summer and is the not-so-secret ingredient for a luscious, healthy garden. Adding automated watering to your garden removes the element of human error because, let’s face it, sometimes remembering to water your garden on the allocated watering day can be easily forgotten.

So, why should you install reticulation in your garden?

Reticulation takes all the pain out of watering – you can set and forget, and your garden will thrive. While some may baulk at the initial installation cost, you will save money over time, as there will be no water wastage. Your garden will receive the perfect amount of hydration.

What kind of reticulation is right for your garden?

For many, this comes down to personal preference. There are two main types of irrigation systems: drip lines and overhead spray. 

Dripline reticulation: these lie on top of the soil, under the mulch, and slowly drip directly targeting each plant.

Spray reticulation: this system distributes water on the surface of the garden bed, more like an old fashion sprinkler, with a specific orientation to ensure all sections of the garden are suitably hydrated.

Choosing between the two can depend on various factors such as garden design (plant choice and style), soil type, and the garden’s topography.

Program your watering times

One of the best parts about using an automated irrigation system is its freedom to keep your lawn and plants looking great without wasting water. When programming your reticulation, make sure you check your watering days. 

While theoretically, you can ‘set and forget’ in practice, it is best to check your waterwise system every month. Regular checks will quickly identify any leaks or breaks in your system, avoiding over or under-watering. Checking can also determine whether family pets have disrupted directional sprays, which can point towards the driveway or paved areas rather than your plants and lawn!

Everyone’s watering needs are different, and they depend on the type of space requiring watering and the kinds of plants you have in your garden. 

Whatever your specific needs, Looking Good Landscaping can help with the decision-making, planning, and reticulation installation processes.

Choose Looking Good Landscaping for your Rockingham reticulation

Looking Good Landscaping has experience designing and installing reticulation for both residential and commercial projects, including industrial verges and bulk residential properties for developers. 

Our team will work with you on full landscaping designs and pre-lay reticulation pipes before installing paving. Whether you want to install reticulation in an established garden or add reticulation as part of a new landscaping project or development, Looking Good Landscaping can help.

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