Though it may be a little challenging at first, it doesn’t take an expert to maximise space in a small outdoor garden space.

With a few helpful tips (and a lot of creativity), creating a beautiful, cohesive and functional small garden is an attainable goal. Here are 4 tips to help you design your perfect small garden.

  1. Utilise vertical space as much as possible

The first thing to do is assess how much wall (vertical) space you’ll be able to play with. Blank garden walls can be used to display climbing plants like ivy, vertical herb gardens or flowers, or even outdoor artwork.

If you’re hoping to display any type of plant in this vertical space, make sure you ‘train’ your plant to climb on the wall. Plants with tendrils are best for this. Once you’ve got your plant ready, make sure it has a solid support structure like mesh, wooden slats or wire. This will help it grow ‘up’ the wall, by latching onto your structure.

  1. Choose your plants wisely

If you’re dealing with limited garden space, you’re going to need to be very selective with the plants you invest in. Before planting anything, make sure you’re aware of how big it will grow (as this could prohibit you from planting it in particularly tight areas of the garden), the wildlife it could attract (as local birdlife or insects could further clog up your space), and the soil type your garden will support.

  1. Get clever with seating options

Opting for compact seating furniture types will save you that extra bit of space in a smaller yard. Popular seating options for small gardens include built-in bench seating, or foldable chairs that can be folded and stored elsewhere. If it’s still feeling a little cosy, add an outdoor rug or cushions to make the space feel more comfortable.

  1. Try to create focal points

If you’re hoping to invest in some outdoor artwork or specific features, consider creating a focal point to help make your garden feel a little larger. This could take the form of an outdoor sculpture, a medium-sized water feature, or a statement plant in a well-decorated pot.

If the space allows, place this feature in the centre of your garden and revolve your design around it. If your space is a little too small for this, placing this feature in a corner will still create an interesting focal point and add dimension to your outdoor garden space.

Ready to create the perfect garden?

Whether you’re looking to give your old garden a makeover, or design a completely new one, we’re here to help. At Looking Good Landscaping, we’re dedicated to creating the perfect solution to local gardening and landscaping challenges. We have over 24 years of experience within the Perth metropolitan area, specifically in the suburbs of Secret Harbour, Rockingham and Baldivis, and are determined to provide high-quality, friendly service on landscaping projects across the city.

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