There’s no denying the world turned upside-down as everyone grappled with the impact of COVID-19. As more and more people report feeling stressed, it’s the perfect time to think about how you can bring elements of calm and relaxation to your garden. Creating peaceful, relaxing spaces increases feelings of Zen – a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition.


Building a Zen Garden could be the answer if you don’t have the time to visit a spa. Whether you want to turn your whole backyard into a Zen Garden or want to create a small peaceful place to sit and unwind, Looking Good Landscaping can help you with your backyard makeover.


From the plants, flowers, and trees you choose to the structures, furniture, and accessories, a backyard landscape design is a project you will love for years to come.


Read on to learn more about Looking Good Landscaping’s top five tips to bring Zen into your garden.


1.    Sand and rocks

Typically, rocks, sand, or gravel are at the very heart of most Zen gardens. Consider adding a sand element to your landscape design, with some carefully placed larger rocks and a small rake to move the sand around as you need. Creating patterns in the sand with the rake or stones is calming and meditative.


2.    Meandering footpaths

Walking through beautifully designed footpaths increases feelings of calm, allowing you to enjoy each plant and fragrance in the garden. Steppingstones are a fantastic choice, adding a whimsical element to your landscaping design.


3.    Moss

Though moss forms an essential part of a Zen garden, in Western Australia, our harsh sun and dry climate can be hard on mosses. We can try to grow moss gardens in shady, moist areas such as besides the house or under trees.


4.    Add bamboo

Bamboo brings Japan into your garden. Consider adding a bunching bamboo to create screens or even a bamboo water feature.


5.    Wind Chimes

Some people enjoy the gentle sounds of bamboo wind chimes moving in the breeze. The sound can transport you to another place, allowing you to sink deeper into relaxation.


Ready to bring some Zen into your garden next year? Choose Looking Good Landscaping

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At Looking Good Landscaping, we’ll help you create the perfect Zen Garden. With over 24 years of experience in Perth’s metropolitan area, specifically in the suburbs of Secret Harbour, Rockingham, and Baldivis, we are determined to provide high-quality, friendly service on landscaping projects across the city.


Looking Good Landscaping is your one-stop service for designing your dream Zen garden, with a team committed to listening to your ideas, working within your budget, and answering all your questions.


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