However you plan to utilise landscaping design, it has always proven to be a great investment. Whether you are planning on selling your house and are hoping for a higher buy price or want to make your outdoor areas more beautiful, welcoming and functional – landscaping design will add more of whatever you are looking for!

If you are in the ‘thinking of selling your house’ camp you will be happy to hear that quality landscaping design creates what’s known as “curb appeal” in the real estate industry and can add up to 20% to the value of your home! In fact – landscaping, on average delivers a 109% return on every dollar spent, far higher than the property value increase a new kitchen or bathroom could add and for a much lower overall price for the completed project. Take a look at a few of our tips for preparing your landscaping design and watch your property value sky rocket.

Planning for a sale

Start with the end in mind and work out who will potentially be looking to buy your house. For example – if you live in a neighbourhood situated near a great school that already has a high number of families, chances are that a family will be interested in buying your property. Understanding what the average family look for in a garden and outdoor area and tailoring your landscape design towards this will ensure you are maximising your landscaping investment. In this instance the important landscaping factors would be to include enough of an open space to allow children to play, lush but hardy plants & trees, some beautiful and easy care lawn and room for outdoor dining & utilities such as large bins and a paved clothes drying area.

Stretching your dollar

For a cost-effective way of getting more value from your landscaping investment, speak with your landscaping design specialist about using water saving plants as well as working with the plants you already have. A good specialist will know how to get you the best value and the highest impact from your landscaping. Some simple and thrifty ways of getting your outdoor spaces looking tip top could be as unassuming as a fresh mowed lawn and sharp edging around the garden beds, adding some bright potted colour or decorative pots in prominent areas to catch the eye and a good garden clean up and prune followed by a thick layer of fresh mulch.

Whether you are looking to invest more into your beloved home to enjoy beautiful landscaping design for years to come, are looking for a more functional and low maintenance garden for your busy life or of course thinking about selling your property and wanting to maximise your profit – Looking Good Landscaping is your landscaping design specialist. We understand that landscaping is an investment regardless of the reasons you choose to have it and we make sure we give you the service that will best suit your needs. We would love to talk to you about how we can take your outdoor areas to the next level – Contact Us Today!

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