One of the beauties of home ownership is the ability to tweak, upgrade, customise and alter your house to your heart’s content (and conversely, for the purpose of raising its value once the time comes to sell it).

When it comes to making these alterations, one of the most popular and effective modes of customisation comes in the form of landscaping. Embarking on a landscaping design project for your front or back yard or garden is a fantastic way to create an inviting, beautiful space in which to entertain others or simply relax in.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 reasons why landscaping design is important (and beneficial) for your home.

1. It can facilitate a reconnection with nature

Even though it’s just steps from your house, a beautifully landscaped garden or yard can provide fantastic mental health benefits by helping you get a little closer to nature every day. Though this could be as simple as sinking your toes into grass or watering plants, it can have lasting effects on your overall mood.

2. It can increase your property’s resale value

As we mentioned above, many homeowners are motivated to take on landscaping projects to increase the value of their property when they decided to sell it. Generally, if you invest in a quality landscape design plan (or simply overhaul your garden maintenance), your home’s value will increase incrementally. The exact amount of this usually depends on the quality of your plants and overall design.

3. It has environmental benefits

Believe it or not, a well-maintained yard or garden can directly help the environment. Features like retaining walls and proper drainage can prevent erosion and reduce stormwater runoff. Plus, planting trees, flowers and plants that are native to Western Australia can provide a sustainable environment for local wildlife and birds.

4. t can reduce noise and provide additional privacy

If you live on a busy road or in a congested area, you’ll know the disadvantages of a sparse yard. By embarking on a landscaping project, you’ll be able to incorporate natural features such as hedges or tall plants to create a sound barrier between you and your surroundings.

5. It can help make your outdoor areas more functional

Here in Western Australia, we’re blessed with balmy summer nights and generally pleasant weather all year round. To capitalise on this, landscaping is a popular and effective way to make your outdoor spaces as functional and enjoyable to unwind in as possible. Simply incorporating a few extra chairs, natural features and gorgeous plants is a fantastic way to create a functional and attractive place to spend time in during our state’s sunny weather.

Ready to make your landscaping design dreams a reality?

Trust our experienced team at Looking Good Landscaping. With over 24 years’ experience right here in Perth – specifically in the suburbs of Secret Harbour, Rockingham and Baldivis, we’ve crafted the perfect solution to whatever your gardening or landscaping challenge might be. We’re passionate and dedicated to ensuring every landscaping project is produced to the highest possible standard.

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