Creating a landscape design for commercial buildings can be one of the most effective ways to enhance your business image and brand values. We have compiled seven ways to improve the curb appeal of your business through landscape architecture.


  1. Focus on Signage

If your business has a street sign or signage at the front of the building, make sure that your landscaping draws attention to your logo and business name. Your company sign is usually the first thing that people will look for when approaching your building, so it is essential that it is both easy to identify and aesthetically pleasing. This can be achieved by matching plant colours with the colours of your logo, which will draw further attention to your business.

  1. Complement the Architecture

Your landscaping can also be used to draw attention to and hide specific parts of the building. If you have an impressive entrance door, this can often be framed with plants either side to highlight the doorway and the entrance for new customers. Alternatively, if there are some aspects of your building which you want to hide, such as commercial waste zones, landscaping can revamp your building and hide these unsightly areas.  

  1. Using Native Plants

There is no doubt that depending on the size of the building, landscaping can require regular upkeep to look presentable. However, an easy way of reducing maintenance is to use native plants. Natives are often easier to look after as they require less water, less pruning and easily withstand seasonal weather change.

  1. Consider Parking Spaces

Depending on the type of business that you have, customer and staff parking may be an important aspect to think about when planning your landscaping. Retail businesses which require easy customer access may want to make their parking obvious and appealing with lots of shade. Alternatively, non-retail businesses may use landscaping to create a barrier between parking areas and the main building to shift the focus away from the carpark.

  1. Showcase Brand Values

Landscaping can also be used to demonstrate the values of your brand or business. For example, businesses in the sustainability sector may want to focus on native plants, while marketing companies may want to focus on colour to suit their logo and brand values.

  1. Using Landscaping to Direct Customers

If your business requires customers to use different parts of the building to staff, landscaping can be an effective way to direct traffic to the right areas. Pathways and shrub arrangement can be used to delineate the customer entrance route and garden beds can separate off staff areas.

  1. Encourage Behaviours

Landscaping architecture can create spaces that encourage certain customer or patron behaviour. For example, incorporating seating and shade into commercial areas may encourage customers to stay around the building, facilitating repeat business.

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