Lightly applying fertiliser every six weeks will keep your new lawn lush, green and healthy. A regular application of a wetting agent will help with the water absorption. Water Corp allows hand watering. Although there are restrictions in place for irrigation use, hand watering is allowed. This means you can use a watering can or hand-held hose (as long as the hose only has 1 outlet) on any day of the week. Although times aren’t regulated, it is recommend to hand water before 9am or after 6pm.

Fertiliser should always be applied when the leaf of the lawn is dry, watering immediately after application. Avoid fertilising on very hot days. The most important times to feed lawns are Spring and Autumn at the rate of 20-40gms NPK per square metre. Spread evenly 50gms one clenched handful per square metre.

Fertiliser applied in early Spring will help the lawn recover quickly from Winter dormancy and resist the establishment of summer weeds. Fertiliser applied in autumn will maintain growth and colour into winter. As a general rule, 20-40grams of NPK fertiliser per square metre during the growing season (Sept through to April) should be applied every 6 to 8 weeks, however frequency depends entirely on the soil type.

Poor sands require frequent but light applications, while heavier or improved soils require less.

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