Landscape gardening isn’t always about the big stuff. The little touches make a difference too, from pruning overgrown trees to adding a splash of colour with paint or planters. If you have a free weekend and feel like getting your hands dirty with DIY backyard design, get into the garden and give some of these quick tips a try. And when you need a hand from the home-grown landscape gardening pros, give us a call.

Refresh or add boundaries

Boundaries like fences and garden edging serve as a backdrop to your carefully crafted garden. If your garden is looking a little bland around the edges but you can’t quite put your finger on why, it’s likely the boundaries need a refresh:

  • Fix or replace old leaning fences
  • Repurpose old bricks or pavers as garden edging
  • Add gabion (wire cage filled with rocks, bricks etc) for a modern look retaining wall
  • Give life to a boring fence with a climbing vine and lattice frame
  • Chop up a tree branch for wooden log edging
  • Hide an ugly fence with natural wicker or willow screening

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Prune and tame overgrown plants

Give your garden a haircut for a quick and easy backyard design refresh. Overgrown trees and shrubs, weeds and long grass can make your garden look messy and small.

You don’t have to be a landscape gardening pro to wield a set of secateurs. But think ahead and try to prune for a holistic, balanced garden. If your garden is out of control or too large for you to tackle alone, give Looking Good Landscaping a call. It’s right there in the name – we know how to make every landscaped garden look good, and we’ve got the tools for the toughest plants.


Add a fresh coat of paint

Reviving a tired gazebo, fading window frames, or wilting verandah is a great way to freshen up your garden without a landscape design overhaul. Repainting is a good job for a sunny spring weekend, and you can even get the kids involved for a bit of messy fun.
  • Sand back fading, chipped or old paint
  • Pick a shade to add vibrance to your garden (white and pastels work well)
  • Use a primer to make sure wood doesn’t absorb the paint
  • Lay drop sheets to protect your plants
  • Choose a hardy outdoor paint
  • Apply 2-3 coats and seal with a wood sealant
You can try this trick on wooden furniture as well, or even decking for a different look.

Add a splash of colour with pot plants

Another easy way to add vibrance to your backyard design is with plant pots and garden ornaments. Don’t go over the top with ornaments; good DIY landscape designers make deliberate choices to achieve overall aesthetic appeal and balance.

If you already love the pots you have, give them a clean or try moving them to a more prominent position.

pot plants

Freshen up your bricks and paving

Getting rid of grime, dirt and dust from paving makes your garden look fresh and bright. There are a few easy ways to refresh bricks and pavers:
  • Remove weeds and moss
  • Clean tire marks off the driveway with degreaser
  • Hire a high-pressure water cleaner
  • Replace chipped pavers
  • Trim grass growing over walkway edges
  • Lay new pavers to create a pleasant path

Why choose Looking Good Landscaping?

Some backyard design endeavours are DIY-friendly and easy to do in a weekend. For bigger jobs like removing trees, laying new garden beds, site clearing, turf installation, laying pavers and total garden design, there’s Looking Good Landscaping.

We are professional Perth landscape gardeners with a creative flair. Whether you’re looking for plant inspiration, a new garden bed, hardscaping work, a helping hand or a total garden redesign, we have the experience and tools to bring green spaces to life.

Get in touch online or by phone on (08) 9524 1999 to learn more.

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