Nothing is more attractive than a lush green lawn with clean edges and a well-maintained garden bed full of luscious greenery. Garden bed edging provides a clear border between different areas of your garden and adds an extra dimension to any landscaping design.

One of the most significant advantages of garden edging is how it delineates different areas, such as a vegetable garden, a flower border, or a vine-covered gazebo where you can rest and enjoy the view. Edging also has a functional role, working to hold holding mulch in place and prevent lawnmowers from harming your plants.

We love garden edging at Looking Good Landscaping, so read on to find out why.

Increases your property’s curb appeal

A well-designed landscape with clean garden edging creates a tidy and well-cared-for look, making your garden look neat and properly maintained. If you’re thinking of selling your home, curb appeal can go a long way to creating the best possible first impression. Contact our team of landscaping professionals to help you create the perfect garden.

Creates different areas in your garden

You can use garden edging to enclose pathways made from loose material (mulch, pea gravel). The edging maintains clearly defined paths while keeping the walkway material in its place.

It gives a lovely border to garden beds

Installing garden edging along garden beds makes upkeep much easier as mulch and grass stay in their place. It’s also much easier to pull weeds or mow grass along a solid border than in an open garden bed. A definite edge to your garden bed also protects your plants from damage during the weeding and mowing process. 

Garden bed edging will help maintain a lawn-free garden bed, which is especially important when working with more invasive lawn species. Durable garden edging will assist you in keeping your lawn exactly where it needs to be.

Allows you to customise your edges

You can customize your garden edging to match your overall outdoor aesthetic, creating a seamless and stylish garden. Poured concrete kerbing is an excellent choice for garden edging and is available in a variety of colours to suit your landscape. Concrete can be poured in almost any shape or pattern and provides a permanent option to keep the lawn separate from the garden. Concrete garden edging is also hard-wearing against mowers and whipper snippers.


Create excellent garden edging with Looking Good Landscaping as part of your landscaping project.

Whether you’re thinking about giving an established garden a makeover or want to design a new one for a new build, we’re here to help. Our goal is to create the perfect solution to your local gardening & landscaping challenge.

With over 25 years of experience in the Perth metropolitan area, specifically in the suburbs of Secret Harbour, Rockingham, and Baldivis, the team at Looking Good Landscaping is determined to provide high-quality, friendly landscaping services.

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