We’re lucky in WA that year-round sunshine helps grass and gardens to grow – provided they get enough water. That’s where a reliable reticulation system is vital.

So, when your sprinklers start giving you a spray, it’s a sign (one of many) reticulation repair might be necessary. Here’s how to spot issues before they cause a flood of problems.


What could have caused the system to stop working properly?

The first step in reticulation repair is diagnosing the problem. Remember: the issue might go deeper than you can see, so don’t try to fix reticulation yourself just yet.

Common causes of reticulation faults include:

  • New paving blocking sprinklers
  • Electronic faults (e.g. after a power outage or surge)
  • Fencing and fence post installation breaking pipes
  • Garden bed edging blocking pipes
  • Pets digging up the garden
  • Tree roots interfering with pipes
  • Sprinkler damage from a vehicle or lawnmower

Is the fault localised, or a full-system meltdown? Does it happen every time you switch on the retic? With more information about where and what you think the problem is, we can arrive better prepared to repair reticulation systems properly.


1. Puddling or heavy water flow

Puddling can flood your garden and kill your plants – not to mention driving up bills and wasting precious water. There are two types of puddles to look for:

Surface puddles

Surface puddles are generally a sign of sprinkler head damage. The good news is this is a relatively easy fix, provided there is no deeper issue lurking in the pipes underground.

Dark/soaked patches

Puddles coming up from underground indicate a more serious problem. A cracked pipe or loose joint may be leaking water. Look for dark muddy patches in the grass or garden and switch off your reticulation until it can be repaired.

Heavy water flow in one area also throws off the balance across your entire system, leading to dry patches and weak coverage.


2. Unusually High Water bills

Have you noticed an unseasonal spike in water bills? It could be the kids taking too long in the shower, but more likely it’s a sign you need reticulation repair.

Broken pipes are hard to spot until a serious problem arises. High water bills might be the first sign of a tree root, fence post or simply age causing chaos under your feet. It’s time to call in the experts (that’s us) to diagnose and repair your reticulation problem.


3. Sprinklers spraying off target

We design waterwise sprinkler systems for total garden coverage. So when a sprinkler starts to misbehave, it means one part of your garden may not be getting enough water. Here’s what could be causing the misfire:

Debris clogging the sprinkler head

This one is an easy DIY fix. Switch off the reticulation, clear the debris or gunk from your sprinkler head, and it should be right as rain.

Cracked sprinkler head

Cracked heads will need replacing by a professional. We can also check for cracking in the pipes to make sure the wear and tear is isolated to the sprinkler head.

Control valve issue

Water pressure problems are a sign of a more serious issue. Faulty control valves might be caused by an electrical fault.


A change in water pressure

Low pressure means your plants aren’t getting enough water. High pressure wears down sprinklers and pipes faster, plus overshoots areas close to the sprinkler (watering the driveway or road instead).

Look for even pressure every time you turn on your reticulation. If you notice any change, call the retic repair experts at Looking Good Landscaping to fix the problem:

  • Low pressure (localised or general)
  • Sprinkler over-spraying
  • Pressure fluctuations
  • Hammering noise
  • Uneven pressure


Why choose Looking Good Landscaping?

Our experienced team design and install top-quality reticulation systems and repair reticulation using only the best fittings, pipes and components.

For more information on reticulation repair or to discuss issues you notice in the garden, get in touch with us on (08) 9524 1999 or through the website.

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