Having a perfectly green and healthy lawn takes work. The process of designing and installing an irrigation and/or reticulation system for your garden can be a daunting task – but luckily, we’re here to help.

If you’re considering introducing an irrigation or reticulation system to keep your garden flourishing as the weather heats up, here are 4 easy tips, tricks and pointers to tick off your landscaping to-do list before finalising your ideal water system.

  1. Before installing, make sure you plan ahead

It may sound simplistic, but ensuring you have the correct measurements of your garden or yard is essential in planning the design of your future irrigation or reticulation system. When you are mapping out your space, make sure you include any potential obstacles (like trees or unmovable plants), and include additional information about driveways, locations of taps or permanent fixtures.

  1. Determine your ideal water flow

Your home’s water flow rate is dependent on the amount of water your home can supply. Therefore, it’s essential to assess this rate to understand the amount of sprinklers you’ll be able to use at once. In simple terms, water flow rate refers to the number of litres per minute that comes out of your tap.

To measure your home’s water flow, grab a large bucket and time how long it takes for your home’s water supply to fill it. If you require information about your home’s water pressure, your local council can supply these details.

  1. Know your garden’s soil type

As water behaves differently when flowing on different soil types, it’s important to know your garden’s soil type before solidifying irrigation or reticulation plans. For example, in sandy soils, water will soak quickly and therefore water drippers will need to be placed close together. Adversely, in solid, clay soils, water tends to spread laterally, and therefore means drippers can be more liberally spaced apart.

  1. Purchase the right equipment

Ensuring you have the right equipment for your garden’s irrigation or reticulation system is paramount. Not only will this crucial step save you valuable time and money, but it will help determine the success and longevity of your garden’s watering system.

When choosing the right sprinkler head, for example, keep your garden’s size in mind and opt for one with a rotating head that will reach far enough outwards from its base. Also consider water pressure here – rotor heads that cover a broader area require over 40 PSI of water pressure, which isn’t available in all homes. Selecting the correct equipment for your house, fundamentally, requires you to fully understand your home’s water capabilities (see point 2 for more information and tips).

Need extra advice before making the leap to a reticulation system?

Trust our expert team at Looking Good Landscaping. With over 24 years of experience in designing and installing reticulation systems across the – specifically around the suburbs of Secret Harbour, Rockingham, Baldivis, we are well-equipped and ready to use water efficiently to maximise your garden’s turf and plant growth.

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