We all know that Perth’s water supply is subject to the demands of our rapidly growing population. Our dams depend on winter rain to help them fill, and if we don’t get enough, our water supply is affected. The climate here in sunny WA continues to warm up, so the government manages our state’s water resources through careful planning and adherence to the Sprinkler Roster system.


When can I use my reticulation in Baldivis, Rockingham, and Mandurah?

Water restrictions apply to the use of both scheme and bore water for reticulation all year. Failing to adhere to the water rostering system can result in a fine, so make sure you know what days apply to you.


Submit your Watering Exemption Application.



The Sprinkler Roster system applies to domestic scheme water and garden bore water use two and three days a week. Check our table below to find out your two rostered weekly sprinkler watering days.



Please remember that there is a permanent winter sprinkler ban in place for all scheme and bore water users in Perth, Mandurah, and some parts of the Southwest. This ban is a permanent water efficiency measure.


Sprinkler Roster Information

Reticulation roster days for Perth and Mandurah depend on the last number of your street address.

If you have a domestic bore on your property, you are eligible for an extra watering day,


See our table below for more information.


This table is valid from SEPTEMBER 1, 2021, to MAY 31, 2022


  • 0 – Monday & Friday. Additional bore use Wednesday.
  • 1 – Wednesday & Saturday. Additional bore use Monday
  • 2 – Sunday & Thursday. Additional bore use Tuesday
  • 3 – Monday & Friday. Additional bore use Wednesday
  • 4 – Tuesday & Saturday. Additional bore use Thursday
  • 5 – Sunday & Wednesday. Additional bore use Friday
  • 6 – Monday & Thursday. Additional bore use Saturday
  • 7 – Tuesday & Friday. Additional bore use Sunday
  • 8 – Wednesday & Saturday. Additional bore use Monday
  • 9 – Sunday & Thursday. Additional bore use Tuesday
  • 0 – Monday & Friday. Additional bore use Wednesday.


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