Encouraging kids to get outdoors and into the garden is a perfect way to keep them active, teach them about plants and little critters and allow their imagination to run wild.

If you’re considering a new backyard to suit your littlest family members, a well-planned garden design can make a world of difference.                                                                                                    


What Does a Safe and Child Friendly Garden Design Look Like?

Creating a child friendly garden doesn’t mean that your ideal garden design has to take a backseat; you can still create a natural paradise that you love and want to spend time in too!

A child friendly garden is one that gives children space to play, grow, imagine, explore and learn in a safe way.

From space to run around and burn that extra energy, to growing plants that they can learn about and eat, there are a number of great elements you can incorporate into your garden design to keep your kids entertained.


What Are the Elements of a Child Friendly Garden Design?

You can create a safe space for your kids to enjoy and grow without jeopardising your luscious garden.

Here are some of the key elements to making your garden more child friendly.


Create a Safe Environment

Some of the most common backyard injuries that children experience are from falls, poisons, cuts, burns, swimming, bites or choking.

Implementing some safety rules and making some small changes to the layout of your garden design can allow ‘kids to be kids’ without quite as much risk.

Moving poisonous chemicals out of reach, supervising your children around water and creating play areas away from plants with thorns or sharp edges are some simple ways to keep your little adventurers out of harm’s way.


Grow Plants – Especially Herbs, Fruits and Veggies

At Looking Good Landscaping, several of our team remember growing up and being absolutely fascinated by veggies growing in the backyard.

Not only are backyard veggies and herbs a great way to save on costs at the supermarket, they also help to engage all your child’s senses, teach responsibility, get kids moving, foster a teamwork environment and give them a hands-on way to learn about where food comes from.

In addition, children will be encouraged to try new things and understand the importance of eating nutritious foods straight off the tree or out of the ground.

Hot Tip: If your budget it tight, or you’re trying to leave a more waste-free lifestyle, there are a number of vegetables you can regrow from kitchen scraps. Avocado, celery, bok choy, spring onion, carrots, leeks and garlic are just some of the foods you can regrow from seeds and scraps.


Create Spaces to Foster Imagination

Kids are so creative – give them a box and they’ll create a car or a spaceship. A rock could be a piece of gold. A bird nesting in the tree might really be a Pterodactyl ready to swoop down and have afternoon tea at the teddy picnic.

Make space in your garden design for kids to really use their imagination – areas with trees and shrubs, rocks, a natural-look water feature, and lots of texture.

Outdoor play helps kids to explore all their senses, so don’t be afraid to add in some funky hardscaping pavers and stones, an outdoor chalkboard, stepping stones and other natural wonders to your garden design. (Also Read: Quick Tips to Instantly Refresh Your Landscaped Garden)


Invite Insects and Other Creatures In

Inviting wildlife, insects and birds into your backyard can bring your garden to life – literally.

Watching insects and birds are a great way to teach kids about the amazing ecosystem that exist in the backyard and beyond.

Hot Tip: Bird boxes, bird baths, fruit trees and flowers are all simple inclusions in your garden that can entice Mother Natures’ creatures into your yard.


Teach Kids to be Resourceful with Thoughtful Garden Designs

At Looking Good Landscaping, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating the perfect garden designs for your family.

Whether you have grand plans for a natural playscape or you’re a little lost as to how your garden designs should look, our experienced team at Looking Good Landscaping can bring your garden to life.

Contact our team at Looking Good Landscaping today to create a garden design that even your harshest little critics will love.

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