While dreaming of your perfect backyard or garden is free, making it come to life can stretch your budget. Engaging a landscape designer to craft your space is such an important step in strategically landscaping your garden, back yard or front yard, with meticulous planning and experience needed to get the results you have fantasised about. However, with such a substantial investment riding on the job, you want to know that the landscape designer you choose can deliver on time, on budget and to the best possible standard. So, what questions can you ask a landscape designer to ensure the end result is everything you envisioned?

What Makes A Good Landscape Designer?

Before you search high and low through search engines and social media, it is important to understand what a good landscape designer looks like and how to cut through the unnecessary jargon. Some of the characteristics of a good landscape designer include:
  • Professionally qualified
  • Creative and innovative
  • Hard working
  • Resourceful
  • Good communicator
Keep the above traits in mind when researching a landscape designer and see whether they touch on them in their “About” section of their website or convey these characteristics when talking with them for the first time.

During The Initial Search

You’ve narrowed down all the search engine results and recommendations from friends and you now have a list of potential landscape designers to take on your job. While the websites and social media pages of these designers may look great, you still need to make sure that the designer is the right fit for your job.

Questions to Ask

Can I see a portfolio or examples of your past work?

While a landscape designer may say all the right things, examples of their past work are a key indicator of what they are capable of. Images also give you a feel for the style of garden or backyard the designer can achieve.

What services do you offer?

It may be a little confusing, but some landscape designers only undertake the “design” side of the project, while others will manage and undertake the project from start to finish. Some landscapers may prefer to only provide softscaping services and not hardscaping, some may only work with fake turf and not real turf, and so on. If you are unsure, it is best to ask up front.

Do you offer on-site consultations?

An on-site consultation at your home is the perfect way to see how the landscape designer thinks, any ideas they may have for your garden design or backyard design and whether they are a good fit overall for the project. A consultation at your home also allows you to show the landscape designer any areas you may want to focus on. If they don’t offer on-site consultations, make sure to ask what kinds of ideas they have for your backyard or garden and get a clear idea of the style and look they plan to achieve.

Can you provide an estimate of the project costs?

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to understand is just how much the project will cost in total. A landscape designer should be able to provide you with a quote that breaks down the various stages and costings of the project. Remember, cheap quotes will generally result in a finished project that reflects those costs both visually and longevity-wise – and not in a good a way. If you are unsure about the size of an estimate from a landscaper, ask them to explain the costs to you – there is generally a good reason why they have quoted you that amount!

You’ve Chosen A Landscape Designer – Now What?

Questions to Ask

What is the process, from start to finish, for the project?

Depending on what services the landscape designer offers, their involvement throughout the project will differ. If the landscape designer is only designing your backyard or garden, then you need to understand how to manage the rest of the project and any other contractors.

How long will the project take to complete?

Try to establish a firm timeline for the project to ensure the landscape designer sticks to your budget. Find out what kind of issues may impact the project timeline, such as seasonal weather – ie. can the landscape designer work in rain or extreme heat?  It is also important to be realistic with your timeline; while TV shows about backyard landscaping and renovations may show gardens transformed in a weekend, most landscape designers don’t work with a large team of people during every hour of sunlight in the day.  

What kind of maintenance will my garden require?

While a landscape designer can transform your backyard or garden into a little piece of paradise, it is important to remember that gardens take maintenance. Ask your landscape designer what kind of upkeep you will need to undertake to keep the garden looking fresh and find out whether the landscape designer will undertake any maintenance in the future.

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