How does winter weather affect lawns?

When cold weather hits, most Aussie lawns will battle tough conditions, lose their vibrant green colour, and find it difficult to appear fresh and healthy again in time for summer.

If you’re experiencing a dry, limp or lifeless lawn this winter, don’t despair. Here are a few quick and easy ways to keep your lawn as healthy as possible when the weather drops.

How can I improve my lawn’s health in winter?

  1. Avoid overwatering

Over winter, only aim to only water it if your grass looks extremely dry and in need of attention or moisture. Overwatering your lawn in winter could lead to costly issues such as rotting, underlying soil diseases or even fungi.

  1. Maintain a consistent fertiliser routine

A high-quality lawn fertiliser is a key ingredient in keeping your lawn fresh and healthy, and as such, ensuring you treat your lawn to a regular fertiliser schedule will help solidify your lawn’s longevity through colder months.

Before winter arrives, lay down a high quality ‘winter grade’ fertiliser (or one that contains a higher level of iron than usual). This is a great way to improve your lawn’s health prior to cold spells. Following this, using a regular fertiliser monthly during winter will help keep your lawn looking fresh and consistently healthy.

Here in WA, we have great fertilizing products available – we recommend locally produced fertilizers from Baileys.

  1. Mow less frequently (and get your mower serviced)

Grass grows a lot slower in cooler months, so reducing the amount of times you mow your lawn per month is a great way to maintain its length and healthy appearance. If you mow your lawn too frequently, you could risk ‘scalping’ your grass, and you could leave it vulnerable and exposed to the harsh winter elements, weeds or diseases.

As it’ll be put in storage for days at a time during winter, now is a great time to have your lawn mower serviced. If it’s an old model, it may even be time for an upgrade to ensure your blades are as sharp as possible.

  1. Cull weeds and debris at least once a week

Winter weeds and clumps of debris can be treacherous to a healthy lawn, so clearing them frequently is imperative. Keep an eye on grass tufts or thick patches for any weeds or infestations. If manual clearing isn’t proving too effective, try a heavy-duty weedkiller. You’ll find one at your local hardware store.

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