Though it may seem like an obvious task, there are a few key factors when it comes to watering your garden in the most efficient and effective way possible.

While there are no specific guidelines and you’ll need to use your own judgement for your garden’s specific watering needs, we’ve compiled a few guiding tips that’ll help the next time you reach for the watering can or garden hose.

  1. Only water when needed

As too much moisture can be damaging to plants (often, just as damaging as letting plants dry out), make sure you aren’t overwatering your garden. Factor in the weather, as if there’s a bought of heavy rainfall on the way, you likely won’t need to water your garden until a few days after the rain stops and your plants have absorbed the rain’s moisture.

  1. Try to water in the morning

When it does come time to water your garden, try to time it to take place in the morning, when the day’s weather is at its coolest. This will allow the water to reach each plant’s roots without too much water loss due to evaporation and heat. This also means that by the time the afternoon sun hits your garden, your leaves will be dry and therefore less susceptible to plant diseases.

  1. Use the right tools for your garden

Assess the variety and number of plants you’ll need to water in your garden to determine the right tools you’ll need for watering. If you have a small yard with a few pot plants, a watering can should suffice. For lawns with a larger garden bed, you may want to investigate a sprinkler or drip line irrigation system to help automate the watering process. A specific irrigation system will also help you reach the plants’ roots directly, which will aid in absorbing moisture as you water.

  1. Focus on the roots

When watering your garden, keep your plants’ roots front of mind. The roots require access to water (rather than the leaves), so directly depositing this water towards the roots will help each plant absorb the water with ease. If you instead aim your water at the leaves, you run the risk of wasting water and potentially spreading diseases. As we mentioned above, if water or moisture stays on a plant’s leaves, you could run the risk of a toxic plant disease spreading throughout your garden.

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