The grey skies, chilly mornings and rain are enough to make Winter seem like it lasts forever, with many Perth residents begging for some sunshine and warm weather.

However, as dreary as Winter may seem, it is worthwhile remembering that Winter is a time of rejuvenation and renovation for our plants and gardens.

So how do you and your garden make the most of the cooler weather?

Common Misconceptions About Gardening In Winter

At Looking Good Landscaping, we’ve heard all the myths associated with looking after your garden in Winter and we’re here to dispel some of those so-called ‘facts’ about keeping your garden healthy!

Cutting your Grass Short is Good for its Growth


Everyone wants a lush, vibrant lawn year-round, so people are likely to follow any advice that promises them just that. However, cutting your grass short is NOT the way to get lush growth. In fact, you should cut your grass no shorter than 3cm, as the extra length of grass acts as a layer of insulation to the lawn roots and runners as they grow slowly during the colder months.

There’s No Need to Weed in Winter


Weeds compete directly with your plants, lawn and flowers for water, sunlight and nutrients in the soil. During Winter, weeds tend to grow more rapidly, so it is important to be strategic about how to keep weeds at bay without killing your lawn and plants. One of the most effective ways to eradicate weeds is to find a herbicide that can kill weeds without killing plants.

Fertilising Before or During Winter is Unnecessary


Gardeners who invest in fertilisers for their garden, particularly between late Autumn to mid-Winter, put their gardens in a good position for Winter – supplying their lawn with an extra nutrient boost before the colder weather sets in. The fertiliser will provide extra nutrients to the soil and lawn, helping your plants to not only survive the winter months, but also to repair themselves better from any damage sustained during Winter.

How to Manage Your Garden

Keeping on top of your garden’s needs as the season’s change doesn’t have to be overwhelming – we’ve put together some top areas to focus on in your garden this Winter.

Reticulation Routine

West Australians in Perth, Secret Harbour and some parts of the South West are limited in their use of reticulation during Winter. This sprinkler switch-off is a water-saving initiative from the Water Corporation, which applies to all scheme and bore water users in the aforementioned regions from 1 June to 31 August each year.

Let the rainfall over Winter soak into your garden and make sure you turn off your automatic reticulation to avoid a fine!

Over Winter, homeowners should get their reticulation systems serviced to ensure that once the weather warms up, the reticulation will be ready to go.

fertilisation and compost

Fertilisation & Compost

As we mentioned before, fertilising your garden is an important step in Winter, as it will ensure your garden will flourish once Spring finally arrives.

If you have a veggie garden, it is worthwhile adding nutrient-rich compost and manure to the garden bed to give those plants a much-needed nutrient boost.


Another area of the garden that often has a few tips and tricks associated with it is pruning.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid cutting off more than a third of the plant at any one time.

Your tools will also have a huge impact on your pruning – make sure you use sharp secateurs to avoid damaging the plan you are trying to prune.



Although Winter is known as a great time for maintaining your garden, it can also be a valuable time to do some plantings as well! There are a number of plants that you can add to your garden design during Winter, which will flower and explode with colour throughout the colder months, such as Bird of Paradise, lavender and dipladenias. We also recommend planting natives during Winter.

Some veggies and fruits, such as spring onion, rocket, asparagus, carrot and strawberries, can also be planted during Winter – particularly during early Winter.

Get In Touch With The Experts In Garden Design

The cooler temperatures and regular rainfall are not only great for people who love cuddling up on the couch, they’re also great for our gardens – so why not make the most of the mild Perth Winter and give your garden some TLC?

If you’re not a green thumb, you can get your garden up to scratch with the perfect Winter garden design from Looking Good Landscaping.

Our professional team can design your perfect backyard using over 20 years of landscaping experience.

Contact us today to get started on your backyard garden design journey!

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